History of Mahanama College

In 1954 this institution was started as a primary with the initiative of Ven. Vehalle Dhammananda Thero at walukaramaya temple. In 1958 the school was registered as a government assisted junior school. The member of students gradually increased to 163 with 4 staff members and on 1st of January 1960. Ven Vehalle Dhammananda Thero was the founder principal of Mahanama College.
Primary classes were in a building near Thurstan college. In 1974, during Mr. T. N. Silvas period the junior school at Thurstan college moved to its present location – Mahanama College. In 1975, 130 students at for the N. G. C. E. examination and 107 students passed the exam. The government donated 7 acres of land as the school expanded at its present location.
In 1976 there were several two-storey buildings. Through the dedication and effort of Mr. K. N. P. de Silva, the principal and the support of the parents the school developed continuously. Principal Mr. K. N. P. de Silva worked hard to develop the school and retired on the 5th of February 1986 with the blessings of students, staff and parents.
The succeeding principal Mr. D. G. Sumanasekara, during his tenure the school developed rapidly and became compentitive in sports activities, extracurricular while performing exceptionally well in curricular work also. Mahanama College was ranked among the best schools for its performance in G. C. E. Advance level examination.
The next principal Mr. K. K. Rathnadasa, continued the status of the school further. During this period the computer section was established and childres’ park was created. The annual carnival ‘Foot Loose’ was organized during this period.
The dedication and commitment to the growth of the school the next principal, Mr. G. Liyanage has to be praised. He has been instrumental in building a three storey building with an art gallery. During this time the school laboratories and computer sections were improved and buildings were renovated and laid the foundation for the building of a full theatre and auditorium.
Mr. W. M. Premalal Kumarasiri new computer labs were built and the new maths section was constructed. The former principal was held basic discussions and implemented the annual cricket encounter “battle of the Gold” with D. S. Senanayek College. As a result of that Rugger and Basketball annual matches, Teachers matches. Prefects matches debates, minor staff matches and walks were organizing in relation to the big match.

Later on Mr. Senerath Bandara assumed duties as the acting principal from year 2012. He could laid the foundation to reunite the O. B. A., teachers and parents which is very assent factors to develop the school. He subscribed to improve the computer labs, Science labs with sophisticated modern equipments with that all the students could improve their practical knowledge.
From October of year 2014, Bvt. Col Prasanna Upashantha assumed duties as the principal of Mahanama College, Colombo 3 and he preforms his duties with a real sence and with a strong vision, in developing the school up to the standards of a leading school in Sri Lanka.
While implementing numerous developing projects on both physical and human resources, he tries to steer the college ahead with a strong detemination, together with the students, academic & non academic staff, OBA, Parents and with the well-wishes, up to date.

More Information

School Founder’s Day 1994-01-05
Name of Founder Principal Ven. Wehalle Dhammanande Thero
Number of students in founded day 05
School Type I AB ( National School )
Number of class and students
(20th January 2014)
Primary section (Grade 1-5) - 28 Classes(1242 students)
Junior section (Grade 6-9) - 32 Classes (1464 students)
Junior Secondary section (grade 10/11) - 16 Classes (754 students)
G.C.E. (A/L) Section Science Section (Grade 12/13) - 10 Classes(290 students)
Commerce Section (Grade 12/13) - 08 Classes (316 students)
Art Section (Grade 12/13) - 03 Classes (102 students)
Examination Department Issued
Index No
Academic staff strength 168 Teachers
Non-academic staff strength 32
School colours White, Gold and Yellow
School houses Meththa House
Muditha House
Upekka House
Karuna House

Past Principals

Name of the Principal Start Date End Date
   Ven wehalle Dhammananda Thero 05-01-1954 18-02-1959
   Mr. J.D.A. Jayakody 01-01-1960 30-08-1964
   Mr. R.C. Perera 03-09-1964 08-01-1965
   Mr. W.R.F. Fernando 15-06-1965 03-02-1967
   Mr. E.S. wijesuriya 03-02-1967 31-08-1968
   Mr. A.B.J.L. Fernando 01-09-1968 31-10-1968
   Mr. N.E. Fernando 01-11-1968 30-12-1973
   Mr. T.S. Silva 16-04-1974 31-08-1975
   Mr. N.E. Fernando 01-09-1975 25-01-1976
   Mr. K.N.P. De Silva 26-01-1976 20-01-1987
   Mr. D.G. Sumanasekera 01-05-1987 31-08-1990
   Mr. K.K. Rathnadasa 01-09-1990 17-03-1999
   Mr. G. Liyanage 19-05-1999 31-12-2002
   Mr. W.H. Premalal Kunarasiri 11-02-2003 17-03-2014
   Bravo Cornel Prasanna Upashantha 24-10-2013