Management of Mahanama College

As Mahanama College is a national school, it is funded by the Ministry of Education. Ministry appoints Principal, the head of the administration. Principal is assisted by Vice principals and academic staff. Like other Sri Lankan colleges Mahanama College is divided into three sections named primary,middle and upper school. Each section under its own sectional head who controls the specific sector of the school. School also appoints prefects to maintain the discipline. Prefects are pupils who have been given limited authority over other pupils in the school, similar to the authority given to a hall monitor or safety patrol member.
Mahanama college only consists of Sinhala Buddhist students. Sinhala is the official language used in the school. However students can choose Sinhala or English medium to do their higher educations.

Prefectorial system

In addition to the teachers, three categories of senior boys are entitled to maintain school discipline. Boys who belong to any of three categories of prefects, are entitled to wear a silver silver badge with the name of specific prefectorial name crafted into it.

Head Prefect
The most senior prefect, who is the head of Prefects guild. Selected on academics, sports and extra-curricular achievements, He is appointed on a probationary basis after completing the final exams at school (GCE Advanced Level). Head Prefect is to lead all prefects of the college.

Selected from students in grade 12, assist the senior prefects to exercise discipline in Upper School (grades 10, 11).

Junior Prefects
Selected from students in grade 9 (grade 8, until 1998), their disciplinary powers are limited to the students of Middle School (grades 6, 7, 8 & 9).