Mahanama College

is a major national school in Sri Lanka.

About Mahanama College

Mahanama College is an excellent school among major schools in the country with a bright history of six decades.Our school developed in a very small time compared to the other schools and holds an unique place in education and extra curricular activities.

  • Vision - Our vision is to become the best and excellent school in Sri Lanka in the next decade.
  • Mission - Our mission is to endow the motherland with sons who, wish their own preferences, can develop potentialities to be competent in knowledge, attitudes and skills to adapt themselves to uncertain future.
  • Motto - "The Scholar will always be reputed".

Head Teachers of Mahanama College

Mahanama College

Today Mahanama College has both the physical and human resources to face the knowledge race of the 21st century.There are 30+ societies involved in extracurricular activities working to bring honor and pride to the school and the nation.

Societies of the College

College Events

Photos from the Battle of the Golds,the annual cricket contest between D. S. Senanayake College and Mahanama College,Mahanam College Boxing,Mahanama College Media and many more.

Events and highlights

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